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When Your Business Evolves You Evolve.

May I have your attention please?! How cute are these guys? I’ve decided to combine two “fan pages” that I currently have on Facebook. I will be merging Christie Chadwick with CLC Healing Therapies. Why the merge? Several reasons actually. For one, when I first started my Young Living business, I didn’t want to “bother” my massage and reiki clientele with my new venture. This was both to protect the relationship we had, and, to “separate” the businesses. Well that was very shortsighted of me. Who was I do limit what information I was exposing my current clients to? Silly really. Two, I’ve learned that there isn’t much of a separation in these businesses. My clients get to experience essential oils in every session. Whether topically or aromatically. They’re there. So why was I trying to keep them shielded from the information? It’s not like I’m selling cars on the side. These two businesses marry each other well. The other reason is time and effort. Seriously, I just don’t have the time, nor do I want to give the effort to two pages anymore. I’ve recently collaborated with a colleague on yet another page, not to mention my personal group for my Young Living members. Lots going on. Ain’t no one got time for all these social media pages. Wheew. Most of the people that I work with don’t come to me for the luxury of bodywork. They come to me as part of their wellness routine. So why on earth would I want to keep tools that can benefit their overall lifestyle a secret? And why would I make my life more difficult? Things change. When your business evolves, you must evolve. And I love the evolution.

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