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You are to Blame for Your Unhappiness

Updated: May 20

Before you click on the above link let’s give you a bit of history. I was miserable. Well maybe not completely, but I was the type that blamed everyone else for my unhappiness. My teacher was this; my boss was that; my boyfriend was this; my friend was that….blah blah B L A H! Sound familiar??

Many years ago, back when I liked her, I was watching Oprah. She had on Dr. Phil as a guest. I loathed him. I typically changed the channel when she had him on but for what ever reason (intuition), I left it on. He said to someone who was having trouble with the men she was dating “the one common denominator in all your relationships is you. You need to change”.

Knee jerk reaction – WRONG. Asshat. But that kept on my mind for weeks. Then… Gut. Punch. Ugh.

I started to understand what he meant. We let people treat us a certain way. We attract certain types of people and situations by how we think, act, and respond. We are in control of our own lives. I am in control of my happiness. BAM!

But how in the hell do I do that. lol.

First – get over yourself. You can be wrong. It’s ok. You can *not* know everything. That’s ok too. You can learn more about yourself and do the work to better yourself. YOU CAN.

Read. Find people you want to emulate. Think of the life you want and then believe you’re WORTHY of it. But please, for Pete’s sake, Stop Blaming Other People (or groups of people) For YOUR Life. If we were locked into a certain way to live then NO ONE would be able to get out of poverty if they were born into it. And EVERYONE born into wealth would be wealthy. That’s simply not the case.

Start with this article. Get mad cause you think you’re right and this is crap, and go back to being miserable and blaming everyone else for your misfortunes. Then, let that nagging voice in your head (could be my voice) encourage you to dig deeper and see that even you are made for greatness. Once you’re ready to unleash the power within you, let me know.

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