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Christie Chadwick, LMBT

Founder,  Lead Therapist

Originally from Long Island, NY, Christie moved to the Leland, NC area in the fall of 2013. She began her studies in the holistic health field in 1998 at the NY College of Health Professions in Syosset, NY. Graduating at the top of her class, Christie found the art of massage and ancient medicine both fascinating and rewarding. The mind-body connection continues to captivate her and through continual education, and harnessing her intuition, Christie combines what she's learned to assist her clients on their path to whole body wellness.

Massage Therapy - John Barnes Myofascial Release - Reiki - Essential Oils - Wellness Coaching - Bio Survey Scans - Raindrop Technique - Dry Salt Therapy - NC License 13048

Tracy Green, LMBT

Massage Therapist

Tracy Green was born and raised in upstate NY. She has spent the last 20 years in the Winston Salem area raising her 2 boys. Tracy recently followed her heart to the beach and moved to Bolivia, NC.

She earned her massage license in the summer of 2020 and graduated in May 2021 from Forsyth Tech with an AAS degree. Before moving to the area, she worked at a chiropractic office in Kernersville, NC, where her 12 + years experience as a former fitness instructor/personal trainer helps in her massage practice.


Tracy tailors each massage to the clients goals for the session. Her massages are mainly therapeutic in nature but can be adjusted from a relaxing Swedish massage to a relieving deep tissue massage.

Tracy is also 2nd level Reiki certified, and brings her developing intuition into each massage session.


Massage Therapy - NC License 19118

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Christie's Education, Certifications, & Associations

NY College of Health Professions
NY Licensed Massage Therapist 011896
NC Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist 13048
Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Certified Holistic Health Counselor
Brand Partner, Young Living Essential Oils  732302
Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher
John Barnes Myofascial Release Seminars
Member American Association of Drugless Practitioners
Certified Member Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
Member International Association of Reiki Professionals®

Tracy's Education, Certifications, & Associations

Forsyth Technical Community College
NC Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist 19118
Reiki Certified
Member American Massage Therapy Association
Brand Partner, Young Living Essential Oils 37702248


I want to take a moment to recommend to you Christie Chadwick as a great massage therapist and reiki provider. I have iron deficiency anemia and wake up each day with aches and very often fatigue. Christie has provided me with really helpful reiki, standard massage, and myofascial massage in a comfortable client room. She also has a great knowledge of healing oils and oil blends and has helped me pick those that will help me and helped me learn about them. My husband has benefited, too, as he made five trips to western Nebraska this summer to move his mom and ended up with heightened blood pressure and both severe neck and back pain. He is a client, now, too. I just want others to know how much Christie’s massage work has helped my family. ~C

I went to Christie as a first time massage client. She was professional and caring. Her massage was amazing! I have now been to her numerous times and while traveling saw another therapist who just wasn’t Christie!! I highly recommend her. Christie is also one of the few people in this area that offers myofascial release. ~A

Everything was great, exceeded my expectations. Looking forward to next visit. Thank you! ~J

Christie outdid herself today. My massage was absolutely amazing! ~D

Christie and I met up in Sedona as she was doing one of her training’s for myofascial release. We spent the day together enjoying Sedona, and her enthusiasm and passion for not only her work as a wonderful massage therapist, but specifically for MFR is extremely contagious. Anyway, I just so happened to be experiencing a lot of discomfort and pain that normally would develop into a debilitating migraine at the time I met up with her. I was starting to get some head pain and many other symptoms related to these chronic headaches that I usually get, but it was not full-blown and it is usually inevitable that it will be. However, I was lucky enough to be able to get a treatment from Christie and I couldn’t believe how powerful MFR can be as it just felt like she was placing her hands on my head similar to Reiki or any other energy work. This was different though, I could feel different sensations happening all throughout the areas where she was placing her hands, but also there were some spontaneous, involuntary movements, which is something that is very common because the body is releasing. It was extremely relaxing despite many distractions we had and I was able to go to sleep peacefully shortly after and I woke up feeling refreshed and much better. I still had some pain, but still no actual migraine. The next day, I started to realize there was still releasing going on just as Christie said there would be. Everything felt much different than any other therapy I have ever had, and I have experimented with a lot of techniques! Basically, I know my body very well and it was still releasing after several days and it felt as if my muscles and joints were moving around and going back into alignment all on their own. I never did get a migraine and that is absolutely unheard of as I normally would have to at least take some kind of aspirin once I have the migraine and that basically helps me get through it quicker, but usually there is no escaping it even with the natural tools I usually use. Migraines have been an issue for me my whole life, and Christie helped me realize that MFR is a technique that I need in my life and something that truly does work effectively and gently. Everyone should try this, especially with Christie if you have the chance. ~D

After moving to Leland in 2013, I began to search for a practitioner of Myofascial Release Technique (MFR). I was specifically interested in a therapist who had been trained by John F Barnes, the founder of MFR. My initial experience with MFR had been at his center in Sedona, AZ where I found lasting relief from TMJ syndrome after treatment there. Therefore, I am a big believer of and advocate for MFR as a therapy to treat and heal pain. To my very good fortune, I discovered Christie Chadwick of CLC Healing Therapies in Belville, NC!!! At that time of my first consultation with Christie I was suffering from lower back pain and also enduring extreme pain from a pinched nerve in my neck. At my first appointment I realized that not only was Christie a talented therapist but also that her hands had healing powers!!! Her amazing treatments helped me recover my quality of life! Over the past five years Christie has been my go-to practitioner for relief of pain and she has been extremely helpful to me. Christie is a highly professional and ethical individual. I also appreciate her highly positive attitude and compassionate approach. I really love her treatment area which is a wonderfully serene place. I am also impressed that Christie invests time and money into ongoing professional training. Christie has also performed Reiki on me which has been very beneficial to my healing process. In addition, Christie has great knowledge of the use and benefits of essential oils and has introduced me to the wonderful Young Living oils. I highly and without reservation recommend Christie! ~D

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