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Are You Worth A 30 Day Challenge?

OK. So if you’re the type of person who has done every “diet” out there and fails, then you are not alone. There are many flaws with diets. Mostly, they try to fit everyone in the same box. You’re literally eating the foods out of a box that everyone else eats. That’s not how our bodies are designed. We’re all different. We like different foods, our bodies react differently to certain foods and it misses the mark on what is actually REAL FOOD.

In this club, the Living Fit Club, and subsequent 30 day challenge, we’re taught how foods work and that its not *just* about the food. Your life, the people in it, and the thoughts you have, have a major impact on your health and well-being.

My first round with this challenge I lost 10 lbs (and met my goal of losing 2 and then

another 3 more in the next month NOT following the challenge), lost inches on my waist and hips, I have more energy, my mind is clearer, I sleep better and my mood is better. Oh, and only had ONE headache the entire month! (down from 6 or 7). And I didn’t follow the challenge 100%. I am, after all, human.  

The next challenge starts March 19th. You’re free to go nuts on St. Patricks day if you’re so inclined. lol. I need FIVE people on my team. So far I’ve got one ready to make the commitment. So if you’re FINALLY READY to take control of YOUR HEALTH, then let me know and let’s do this!!

And let me say this, your body is your responsibility. No one else’s. There is no quick fix to good health. If you’re the type to roll your eyes at no coffee, no smoking, no alcohol, no fast food, no ready-to-eat meals, well, you don’t take your health seriously enough. Hate to be so blunt (actually I don’t), but that’s the truth.

30 days. I promise you won’t die without those things. 30 days. It’s a challenge. It’s meant to challenge you. 30 days. Will you be healthy for the rest of your life after this? No. But you’ll be ahead of the game for sure. 30 days. Are you worth putting the effort into 30 days? Do you value yourself enough to do a 30 day challenge? (and if keeping coffee in your blood stream is the one thing that you just can not live without – don’t let that stop you!)

If you do value yourself enough to try this, and you’re not currently a member of my team with Young Living, let’s get you started. If you are new, I suggest getting the NingXia Red Premium Starter Kit and adding the shakes & Master Formula (MF might be out of stock right now – but it comes back quickly). By far the most cost-effective way to go. You can order retail, but you’ll pay more, and that’s just silly.

The Living Fit Club has an independent website and carries a separate fee. You can remain in the Club site and not be included in a team challenge. This way if you’re not going to be able to start the challenge on March 19th, you can still begin when it works for you.  And this Club is open to all members in Young Living! Not just those under Jihan Thomas. There is also a Facebook group dedicated to each challenge. You’re not left out in the dark with this. We want you to succeed!

We’re all destined to live a full, happy, and healthy life. We just need to have the tools and the drive to do it! Let us be that beacon of light for you and support you to become the best version of yourself. Because you do deserve it and you are worth it!

Joining the 30 day challenge that begins on March 19, 2017 with Team Chadwick? Use code 20 once you register on

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