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These are a few of my favorite things when faced with viruses running rampant.

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

When  COVID 19 first came about, I had a feeling that it would cause mass fear and hysteria. Sadly, I was right. Although for me, I never jumped into that fearful mode. I’ve always maintained a calm outlook and refused to buy into the propaganda that this will end all of humanity. Now, that’s not to say that I don’t empathize (being an Empath that is literally impossible for me to do), I have friends who have contracted COVID 19 and one dear friend lost her father after contracting it. It’s very real and I get that. This blog is not to minimize what’s happening. It is however something that should give hope to people who are struggling right now with how to stay healthy. It’s important to be proactive and create a strong immune system so your body is able to fight off any type of infection it comes into contact with.

Below is a list of items that are must haves for me during times of heightened illness. Any time I want to boost my immune system, or my mindset, these are the tools that I go to. In no particular order…

Immune & Physical Support Thieves Blend* and all Thieves products from Young Living Essential Oils. From soaps to mouthwash, the Thieves Blend was created based on the story of men stealing from people who died during the black plague. They were as healthy as a horse and taking items from the dead and dying. When they were finally captured, they were ordered to tell their secret of how they were not falling ill. They gave up their secret blend of spices and were given leniency in their sentence. Talk about life saving!

Oregano*, Thyme* essential oils. Both of these oils show great success to boost the immune system. While Oregano is high in carvacrol and thyme is high in thymol, both are must haves and can be used daily during months where illness is high.

Copaiba*, North Lights Black Spruce*, Dorado Azul* for respiratory support.

Inner Defense supplement* Life 9* or comparable probiotic Kombucha (I like GTs) Super C* or Liposomal C Vit d3 with K2 or without if unable to take K2 (Pure & Isotonix) PH balanced water such as CORE Hydration Lemon (whole) for warm lemon water Peppermint* essential oil to keep comfortable during a low grade fever Epsom salts (take a bath with salts and a drop of thyme or myrtle blend) Ningxia Red * Super B* Deep Relief* or Panaway* for muscular aches

Now I’m certain there are more things that we use for supporting our systems throughout the year, but this is my MUST HAVE list and I will rarely run out of any of these items. While Young Living is my main source for many of these, there are a few that I get through Amazon or other retailers.

A few more things that are imperative to maintaining my wellness relate to mindset. You must be able to shift from fear to faith. This takes practice. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t occasionally sit in fear for a moment or two. The difference is not allowing fear to paralyze you. Fear is meant to slow you down. It’s your body’s radar for danger and should not be ignored. Listen to it, and then move into faith with the knowing that you know more than you think you know.

When I get caught up in the fear, I take action. The quicker I take it, the quicker I get myself back to being in a positive mindset.

Oils & Practices for Mental and Emotional Support Blends: Valor*, Peace & Calming*, Stress Away*, Sacred Mountain* Singles: Frankincense*, Orange* (really any citrus oil), Balsam or White Fir*, Vetiver* Take one or two oils and simply inhale the aroma. Watch this video for a nice way to combat occasional anxiety. I write out 10 things I’m grateful for. Every. Day. Read or watch something funny. Nothing shifts a mood faster than seeing babies laughing. Read or watch something uplifting. Read or watch something empowering.

I have my community and I lean on them. The Living Fierce Club (in addition to my Young Living family) has been my spine, my support, my guide for the past few years. And let me tell you, this is an amazing group of people. No matter what, we are there for one another. We are not a “support group” where we just complain about the world as we see it. We are an empowerment group figuring out what we can do to change the world (and ourselves) as we see it! And in a time when there are too many people focusing on the negative, it’s NECESSARY to seek out the people who focus on the positive. I thank God for them daily.

So tell me, how can I be of service to you?

*Indicates a product from Young Living Essential Oils

*DISCLAIMER: None of these statements have been approved by the FDA. It is through personal experience and testimonials that have led me to share these products with others. You are responsible for yourself and your personal use of Essential Oils and supplements. If you don’t already have a Young Living contact I’d love to be yours.

Also, please not that some links are affiliate links. Meaning, at not additional cost to you, I will earn a commission for something your purchase. 

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