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Accidental Income

Now that seems like a silly thing. Accidental Income. How can that possibly be a thing? You either have a job where you earn money or you don’t. You can’t just accidentally make money. Or can you?

In any network marketing company there is always the potential to earn income. That is after all one of the MAIN reasons for being a member of one. However with Young Living Essential Oils, you don’t necessarily enroll with them to make money. In fact, most people, like myself, started with YLEO just to use the product.

Back in 2000, I had a retail account with YLEO. I had a member number and just ordered any time I wanted something. Sometimes I ordered once a month, sometimes just once a year. Over time I realized I was ordering more and more and saw that if I switched my account from retail to wholesale (independent distributor) I could get my oils 24% less than before. HELLO!!

As time went on I was now ordering once per month. I was using the oils in my massage and reiki practice. Using them more and more at home for everyday ailments such as headaches, toothaches, muscle soreness, allergies, and the list goes on. I was introduced to their auto-ship program known as Essential Rewards, where you have the ability to change your order each month and earn free credits to get more products. LOVE THIS!

In the course of all this I would occasionally have someone who was interested in ordering. I would give them my sponsor number and they would use it to enroll with the company. And every so often I’d get a check in the mail. Hmm. That’s nice. It wasn’t very big, but hey, this was found money as far as I was concerned. And over time, I would introduce more and more people to the oils, show them how I use them and lead them to other testimonials. And sure enough my check would get bigger and bigger each month. Now that’s pretty fantastic, no?

So while I didn’t plan on it, I now have accidental income. And since I like it (who wouldn’t!?!), I do a bit more to let people know about it. But while this is a business, for me it all starts with the products and the lifestyle I’m able to lead with YLEO. Gone are the days of 4 acetaminophen or ibuprofen to rid me of a headache or cramps. No more pills for depression & anxiety or PMS. Antacid’s are a thing of the past in the Chadwick Household. OTC or prescription antihistamines out the window! I even use the Thieves Cleaner for just about all my household cleaning chores. 

So you see, with Young Living Essential Oils you don’t need to do the business part to benefit from the product. In fact I wish you wouldn’t jump right to the business aspect until you can use and incorporate the products into your daily life. Only then can you honestly tell people your experiences and feel good about sharing your knowledge. And perhaps you’ll accidentally get a check in mail signed by Mary Young. 

Learn more about Young Living Essential Oils here

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