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Do You Network Market For Free?

I’ve only been calling myself a Network Marketing Professional for a short time now. And I’ve heard every excuse in the book about why network marketing (AKA- Multi-Level Marketing) is not good. From, “it’s a pyramid scam” to “I’m not a salesman” or “I can’t afford it”. Those are things that I used to say. There really is no new excuse out there that I haven’t heard yet or said myself.

What changed my tune? I realized that I’ve been network marketing for free since I was able to talk. And so are you. 

Have you been to a nice restaurant lately? Tell anyone about it? Did they go on your recommendation? Did the restaurant call you and say “thanks for the referral, where can I send your check?”

Ummm no.

Any time you tell someone your experience about a product or service, that’s network marketing. Your “network” is people. Any people. The “marketing” is sharing what you got out of it. Nice meal; nice clothes; nice time; etc. That’s usually where it ends. Now wouldn’t it be nice if you got compensated for recommending a company and their products to someone? With Young Living Essential Oils you can! By adding the “professional” part you get to earn commission on what you recommend.

Now, this company and this type of business model is not for everyone. But it does work. And it works well. 

The products speak for themselves and we can talk about that another time. As for the requirements to be compensated, they’re minimal; 100pv (personal volume – usually dollar for dollar) a month. That’s it. No matter how much you earn per month (from $1- to ANY AMOUNT) your monthly minimum will always be 100pv. Not to mention you can earn up to 20% of that 100pv (or more) to use towards free product. (That’s a whole other benefit we can go over.)

And you can opt-out of getting commissions at any time without penalty. No contracts or cancelation fees. Simply stop ordering your 100pv and that’s it. You’re out.

The moral of the story is this: if you’re going to be promoting a business while frequenting that business you may as well earn some money in the process. Works for me! So stop network marketing for free and email me. We’ll talk oils and money.

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