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Skincare. It's all the rave.

This is probably one of the more common topics I get asked about. Well, I get asked about a lot of things over and over again, but this one seems to be popping up more often in the last few weeks.

The following products are what I have on hand. I don’t use all of them every single day, but they do get mixed into the rotation from time to time. I like to be prepared. Plus, variety is the spice of life. Even in your skin care routine.

All of these products are from Young Living Essential Oils unless otherwise specified.

Topical applications:

ART® Gentle Cleanser – this is in my shower, and I use it every morning, or any time I shower.

ART® Refreshing Toner – I use this about 2 times per week after showering.

ART Light Moisturizer – 3 to 4 times per week after showering.

BLOOM By Young Living® Brightening Cleanser – use every night before bed.

BLOOM By Young Living® Brightening Essence – 2-3 times per week after nighttime washing.

ART® Renewal Serum – 1-2 times per week, after nighttime washing, more in winter months with dry skin.

Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood™ Hydrosol – daily in the summer after washing my face, day and night.

CBD Beauty Boost – 1-2 times per week, after nighttime washing, usually in summer.

Mirah Luminous Cleansing Oil – when I have on a lot of eye makeup, which is rare. Maximum Strength Acne Treatment – on the extreme rare occasion I get a pimple. Hey, it happens.

Satin Facial Scrub – Mint – maybe I use this once a month. I am nowhere as oily as I used to be, but a good scrub is nice, and it feels amazing.

Wolfberry Eye Cream or the Beauty School Exclusive Eye Cream – once or twice a week, at night.

Frankincense essential oil – 3 times a week. I put 3 drops in one hand, use it for breast health and then rub the left-over residue on my face.

Sandalwood Boswellia™ Firming Cream – cause, skin sags when you hit a certain age. I use this only my neck. It is not intended to use on the face.

Internal applications:

Inner Beauty Collagen – I started out with a full scoop per day and now just use ½ scoop a day in the mornings.

Sulfurzyme Capsules – I tend to forget to take these, but I take 2 at night.

CLEAN WATER! Just water. Water, water, water!

There is no point in using all these safe products on your face, if you’re just going to put on cheap make-up that consists of ingredients that are harmful. Don’t even bother. Well, do bother, cause some good stuff is better than nothing, but you get my point.

Melissa Poepping created a fantastic cosmetics line that Young Living eventually bought. Young Living couldn’t give it the attention it deserved so they dissolved that part of the business. So, Melissa decided to get back into cosmetics and came out with a better line than ever before. I started using a few of those products, loved them, and created an affiliate account with them (different than multilevel marketing, like YL). So, for each purchase you make with them using my link, I’ll get a commission. Thanks!


I know that this seems like a lot of products, and honestly, it is. I didn’t buy everything in one shot. This is years and years of being a Young Living customer and trying things out. As I age, I’m 51 as of this writing, my skin changes. When my diet changes, my skin changes. When the seasons change, my skin changes. Like I mentioned before, I like being prepared. I see how my skin is feeling or looking and I use what I need. If you’d like some help finding a starting place, let me know. Being on Loyalty Rewards is a great way to build up your collection of skin care products, along with all the other great things Young Living has to offer.

Don't be scared of an MLM company like Young Living. I promise, I don't bite.

Want to learn other ways to keep your skin youthful and healthy? Check out this article.

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