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Out of Stock? Love that!

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

With the exponential growth that Young Living Essential Oils has had in the last two years, there have been a few times that products are out of stock.  Some people get so infuriated that their favorite product is not available. Me? I love it.

Valor for example is one of our most popular blends. Consisting of Black spruce leaf oil, Rosewood wood oil, Blue tansy flower oil, & Frankincense oil, this blend rocks. Used for Empowerment, Confidence, & Energy Balance, its no wonder this oil blend is super popular.

Now, black spruce and blue tansy are two plants that are difficult to source. Young Living founder D. Gary Young figured out the black spruce sourcing issue by acquiring the Northern Lights farm in Canada that has a beautiful untouched black spruce forest. The blue tansy however isn’t as easy to obtain and since its nature, sometimes we need to wait for Mother Nature to take her time. It’s not like there is a way to speed her up by dosing the plants with chemical feed or modifying the genetic makeup of the seed to speed up the natural growth of the plant? Oh wait…..

Unlike some “food” sources or even other essential oil companies, YL will never put quantity before quality. You can rest easy knowing that what YL puts out to the public is exactly what Mother Earth put out to world. And they do it while practicing sustainable farming.

So when I see the list of out of stock items and the words quality assurance (fail), supply constraints (raw material damaged in shipment – or – hijacked by pirates), or seasonal (Mother Nature isn’t ready yet) are there, I may be disappointed I can’t get the initial oil or product I wanted, I also get a warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing that Young Living is a company of integrity behind the scenes as well as on the front line. You should never settle for less than YL’s Seed To Seal quality assurance. I don’t.

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