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Baby Steps To A Better Life


I think what many people have a problem with is change. Any type of change. And changing their own life is very difficult. The good news (and often over looked news) is that you don’t have to change everything all at once to make a difference. In fact, if you did try to do a full 180 you’d most likely revert back within a short period of time, hate yourself and think of yourself as a failure. So what can you do to prevent this? Baby steps.

First things first: decide that you want to change. Be receptive to good things in your life, you deserve them! Then tell yourself it’s ok to do it at a slow pace and don’t compare yourself to others. Forgive yourself if you “slip up” and ask for support. There is always someone on your side. Like me!

Let’s look at some areas that baby steps will help you out.

Diet. I hate this word. Diets don’t work. That’s because diets are temporary fixes. What you need is a lifestyle change. So instead of “dieting” try adding ONE THING that is a healthier choice than you’ve been making. For instance, fruit. Everyday eat at least one piece of fruit, even if you don’t want it. Have it before you reach for the candy or donut. Chances are you’ll satisfy your sweet tooth or at least fill your belly up a bit so you won’t have as much junk as usual. Before you know it you’ll only want the fruit and will be adding more to your daily food intake.

Fitness. Some people live to exercise. Others hate it but do it anyway. I think the majority of people just give up after feeling like they don’t do enough. There are a few new crazes out there. The P90X; the Insanity Workout; etc., what’s crazy is if you think you can be sedentary one day and jump full on into one of these regiments the next. That’s insane! If you are not normally an exercise type, don’t set yourself up for failure. Instead do something small everyday. Take 5 minutes every morning and move. Whether it is marching in place; jumping jacks; push-ups; sit-ups; planking; or some combo of these things, MOVE. Five minutes. Every day.

Toxins. We are bombarded with nasty toxins everyday. From what we eat, to what we clean with to the air we breathe and what we take for illnesses, there are poisonous things around us constantly. Again, you do not and should not change all these things at once. Most people will become very overwhelmed and give up on everything. One of the things I loved about Young Living was I was able to introduce these great clean, non-toxic products slowly into my life just by getting one kit and one bottle of cleaner. Over time, you add more and more healthier items. I am not 100% “clean” all the time but a good portion of my lifestyle is and I’m comfortable with that.

Faith. Whether you are spiritual or religious (or neither) makes no difference. If you have negative thoughts about yourself, you must have faith in yourself that you are worthy and can make a positive difference in your own life. Take time out daily, again start with five simple minutes, and think good things about yourself. Anything. It can be how you clean up after yourself, or how you cook. Perhaps you can make a mean chili (oooh try adding chopped butternut squash to your current recipe. By adding ONE healthy item it cleans up your food intake a bit. And it’s delicious!), or you make people laugh; what ever it is, think – or write down – about the good qualities in yourself. Once you take notice of the positive in your life and in your thoughts more good things (and choices) will come your way; and the bad thoughts (and choices) don’t have much room. It’s a lot easier to make healthy changes when you know you deserve them.

Time. Take the time to honor yourself. Take a bath. Take a walk. Get a massage. Have a reiki session. Be kind to yourself. If you are not kind to yourself and treat yourself with the respect and love you deserve than why should anyone else?

Remember, baby steps. But it’s up to you to take that first step. So stop making excuses as to why you can’t. Allow room for growth. Allow room for error. Allow love and joy into your life and watch what wonderful things can happen. You can do this! You are worth it! 

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