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What the heck is a PV and what can they get me?

I realize that many people don’t really understand what all this promo stuff means? They have no idea what a PV is, let alone how it helps them. So let’s talk PV.

PV stands for personal volume. Now for business builders these numbers are pretty darn important, BUT they are also important to product users who have no interest in business but do have an interest in free products. 🙂

Each month YL offers promotions when you order a certain amount – personal volume. When you hit these PV amounts, you get free stuff. That free stuff changes each month but generally the PV amounts to hit are 190, 250, & 300. Both retail and wholesale members can reach these PV volumes and earn free products.

Most often the PV value is equal to the member cost of an item and 24% less than the retail cost. But sometimes its not. Let’s take a look at what I mean.

In the picture above you can see that Rose essential oil has a PV value of 91 but the member price is $185.50. The retail cost for this oil is $244.08. (I know,

holy cow!). Then the Rosemary oil has the same PV value as the member cost. The retail price for Rosemary is $20.39. (membership has its perks!)

The PV total of these two products would be 106.50, regardless of which type of account purchased them. Make sense? Ok, so what does this get you? In this case nothing but let’s add on another product or two to raise that PV amount to hit that first threshold of 190PV.

Let’s add on juniper which has a PV value of 33.50, balsam fir with 26PV & tea tree oil with 26PV as well. This order would now have a total PV of 192. Now this gets you something! June 2017’s promotion from YL with a 190PV total is a free 15ml bottle of cypress (great for circulation) which retails at $25.33. Not too bad right?

Bump up your order to 250PV and also receive a 5ml Aroma Ease (retails for $45.72)(supports digestion). Add even more on to your order to hit the 300PV mark and get all that plus a box of Ningxia Nitro (retails for $50.99) (best energy booster on the planet) & a 15ml En-R-Gee (retails for $32.57) (aptly titled as it supports energy).

Add all that up and you’re getting $154.62 worth of free products! And remember this is regardless of your customer status. Retail and wholesale members get to earn the free products. There are more perks besides a discounted price for product for being a wholesale member, but for now, that’ll do.

Got questions? I might have answers.

Promotions will come directly from Young Living when the proper PV is reached.

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